What’s New? #1: Elias Borenstein

A question we get asked a lot is: ‘Accelerating brands into the digital future, how do you do that? What new things are you working on?’ Of course, this is different for every one of our clients. But at the end of the day, it’s all about talented people doing quality work. That’s why we started a bi-weekly Q&A-series, giving our employees the stage and showing what’s new at Pervorm —from the eyes of our specialists, consultants, or in this case, designers. For the first edition, meet our new Swedish friend Elias!

Name: Elias Borenstein
Expertise: Digital Designer
Originally from: Gothenburg, Sweden
Pervormer since: March 20th, 2017 —just a few weeks ago!

Hey Elias! How are you?
“I’m great!” -quickly covering his screen- “This is not the final layout though, so please don’t take pictures of this design.”

Haha, no worries Elias. Just checking in to see what you’re up to.
“Well, in that case… I’m working on some ad sets for one of our FrieslandCampina brands, Friso.”

How did you find this job?
“My girlfriend and wanted to move abroad. We decided on the destination unanimously: Amsterdam! She had already found a job there, and a former colleague of mine advised to check out Pervorm. I checked the website out and thought ‘Hey, this looks cool!’ As I was looking at the website, my former colleague was already on the phone. She handed it to me and it was Marvin (our creative concept developer). We had a nice chat, and talked for quite a long time.”

So what happened next?
“I also talked to Marieke, Marvin, Guy. Everybody was very relaxed and friendly, no suit-and-tie stuff. I became quite interested in knowing what they were doing over there. Programmatic Marketing was kinda new to me, so I wondered what would I be doing as a Digital Designer. I Needed to be sure that I could develop in my specific field of design too. I enjoy animation, and then Marvin told me about Canvas where you could combine the few. I like checking out new creative technologies, so that was good to hear.”

Yeah, why is that?
“Well, I wrote my Bachelor thesis on digital concept development. I checked out a lot of apps and played around with them for a bit. Like Sketch, for example, another cool Dutch product, which is mostly good for UX/UI kind of stuff. Myself, I moved on to Adobe XD. They have a cool approach in building their app, keeping the core functionalities very basic and using user feedback to improve on that. With XD, it could be quite nice to try out different interaction paths leading to conversion if our clients get more interested in landing pages for campaigns. Right now, I’m primarily working on improving existing campaign creatives.”

Can you name something that surprised you?
“So, I’m from Sweden where there’s more Scandinavian design. At Pervorm, I mostly work on designing creatives FrieslandCampina. They use sub-brands for the Vietnamese and Malaysian markets to address their local customers accordingly. The designs we use are more glossy, shinier, much heavier on effect. I used to work with ‘flat design’ a lot, but this is kind of going old school, manipulating objects and drop shadows. For ‘Lattiz’, one of FrieslandCampina’s milk foam machines, this is a completely different story. These designs we make are a lot cleaner, containing maybe only a simple gradient and more icon based
 ‘flat design’ elements. Which is nice, because as a designer I would have to step out of what I experience as ‘nice design’ —since we’re communicating with a market that has a completely different preference.”

Joining an existing customer team can be quite challenging. What was your approach?
“When I started, I studied the previous material. In the beginning, it was quite hard, but now it comes naturally. Our campaign Specialists are constantly focused on the creative work’s performance. This nice because we can drop all assumptions and just look at the data. For Valentine’s day, for example, nobody thought a tin with roses coming out of it would have the most clicks and likes ever. We just test it and see what works.”

Anything more difficult than expected?
“The deadlines are more strict than I was used to. Instead of pushing deadlines back, here we’re pulling them forward.”

What’s next for you at Pervorm?
“I’m looking forward to learning new banner techniques with javascript. And to do more concepting, which is fun stuff but a bit scary. Suddenly I would have to show my work to the clients directly. This would mean more responsibility, which is nice.”

Last but not least, a very important question: what’s your favorite Dutch food —so far?
“Does Surinam count? What’s that famous dish again… Yeah, roti! Amazing, I had it last week. It was the best thing ever!”


If you like to keep tabs on what’s going on at Pervorm, be sure to check back soon. Last month, we went to San Jose for F8 2017. For What’s New? #2, we’ll ask Bart, one of our Social Advertising Consultants, all about it!