The Future of Advertising: 15 Trending Topics at Dmexco 2017

Tomorrow, the world’s biggest marketing conference is opening its doors again. Coming from all over the world, 50K+ visitors will flock to Cologne to preview The Future of Advertising during two days of marketing mayhem. Having added a sixth conference hall in the Koln Messe this year, Dmexco 2017 is looking to be the biggest yet with 1,000,000+ square feet of conference areas to explore. Looking at the 2017 conference program, it can be quite overwhelming to browse through all 570 speakers and a total of 250 hours of programming. Picking the cherries would be an even bigger challenge. To make things easier, we’ve collected the most interesting talks and grouped them by their respective topics. To keep you from getting lost in inspiration, we’ve shortlisted the most interesting topics.


1. Artificial Intelligence

How will AI change the face of marketing as we know it? Or, will it only change what goes on behind it? Find out how this scary but powerful piece of tech might influence your day-to-day practice.

2. Advertising Ethics: Transparency & Value Chain

Have things changed, since the ANA Papers? What’s the latest on ad fraud? Let’s talk advertising ethics.

3. Digital Transformation

As this transformation is probably never over, it’s more about keeping up with all the changes. Learn what to prioritize, and what to look out for.

4. Mobile Growth

As the mobile first strategy has become a commodity, mobile platforms will quickly become crowded. How to stand out in a saturated mobile landscape? With quality and creativity as the main ingredients, these talks will help you in fine tuning your recipe:

5. Influencer Marketing

As Influencer Marketing has matured from trend to legitimate marketing practice, what part should it play in your customer journey? What (measurable) benefits exist over traditional digital marketing campaigns, and how can it benefit the service industry? Dive into influencer marketing mechanics and freshen up on pitfalls and best practices.

6. The Future of Advertising and Media

As agencies get more strategic and shift towards becoming full-service consulting firms, not just the field of advertising is in flux for its suppliers. Same thing on the advertiser side, as more and more brands seeing the benefits of taking programmatic advertising in-house. But also, big online retailers stepping into the ad serving field and the GDPR shaking up the way we look at data (and how we obtained it). Future-proof your mindset with these talks:

7. Always-On

The ability to be everywhere all the time as an advertiser certainly provides opportunities, but opens the door to many vulnerabilities, too. How to show everyone your brand’s best side, when they choose to?

8. Branding

9. Consumer Assistance

Having launched our own chatbot label last week, we strongly believe that conversational marketing is going to play a significant part in helping your customers find what they need. The challenge lies in integrating it properly into the existing customer journey. As this technology is on the verge of commoditizing, now is the time to get your know-how up to par.

10. Online Video

11. Data Driven

Touched briefly in topic 6. The Future of Advertising and Mediadata definitely needs its own entry in this list.

12. What’s New in Search Advertising

13. What’s New in Social Advertising

14. What’s New in Display Advertising

15. Consumer Journey

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