OWNIT: Full Transparancy in Digital Advertising

In today’s transparent, always-on society, consumers decide how good you are as an advertiser, but also how good you could be. For example, why accept less of a service from your bank than the ease of use you experience from Amazon? We sure wouldn’t. Would you? Luckily, current possibilities to connect all sorts of data allow us to get feedback in real-time and, more importantly, to adjust our proposition to what we see.


Over the past seven years, at Pervorm we have experienced how advertisers got overwhelmed with digital marketing acronyms, technical features, and so on. The result of that is either paralyzation in execution, increasing budgets towards digital with the wrong expectations, or a disconnection from the overall strategy. Our solution (or, yours, in this case): an in-house trading desk.

In-house Trading Desk?

Technology and data now provide advertisers with the logical opportunity to get back some of the control that went lost during the past years of speedy developments. The importance of doing so is that data influences your whole organization. The very data stream you unleash when you start advertising will help you to change your proposition and tailor it to your clients’ or prospects’ needs. But how fast can you adapt, and would it maybe even be necessary to adjust continuously? And how can advertisers take on this adaptive revolution of media while ensuring consumers will get better value in return for their attention? The answer to both questions is OWNIT, a tailor made ‘in-house trading desk’ building service, aiming to evolve marketing departments and provide them with the power to direct and own their business. OWNIT guides you on the path to connecting your marketing to the consumer demands of today, tomorrow and the next era.

OWNIT by Pervorm

The OWNIT service empowers mid-sized to large advertisers who want to be in full control of their data and actively use it throughout their organization, to operate their own digital media trading desk from A to Z. This comprises a tailored advertising technology stack and a well-trained team to secure full transparency and control over digital media buying. If an in-house trading desk doesn’t fit your online strategy just yet, OWNIT’s Specialist Training modules will significantly increase the expertise you bring to the table.

Our goal is to enable advertisers to reach the level of optimal relevance to their target audience quickly, thus increasing focus on data-enriched creativity in consumer engagement and experience. That way, we can guarantee consumers will get more value, which will result in an increased advertising effect.

We have built the OWNIT program on seven years of digital marketing mastery in which we have taken our clients to the next level of digital savviness. We are dedicated to taking you to where your customers expect you to be and then some. Fancy increasing your measure of control? Get in touch, #WEDAREYOU.

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