Over the last decade we have managed social, display, video and search campaigns for our clients, thereby creating a full team of dedicated specialists whose sole aim is to drive maximum performance from your campaign. Through our in-house creative department we close the loop and enable a full service from strategy to impact. Our team gets an adrenaline kick from creating the right strategy based on your goals; from building cases through innovations; from running data analyses to optimise your campaign efficiency & effectiveness; and from celebrating insights & performance with you while making it visible for the wider organisation.

We offer:
  • Paid Media (social, search, display, video, audio & digital outdoor)
  • Owned Media (web site & app creation & optimization
  • Marketplaces (Amazon,, Zalando)
  • Data Driven Design (video, ad & banner creation, chatbot marketing)

What makes us stand out:


‘Partnership’ over ‘Agency’

We believe in partnerships and are convinced we can only generate the best results when we are a part of your organisation. This means we prefer to work on location regularly to have short communication lines, to provide transparency in our way of work and to make sure we operate based on your organisation’s needs. By the way we will also tell you what we think.


‘Optimisation’ over ‘Activation’

Optimisation is our core. We don’t believe in launching campaigns for the sake of activating them. For us, the game just gets started after launch. Now that algorithms are getting smarter one might argue campaigns run themselves but the opposite is true. Algorithms need the right input in order to generate results. We add value through understanding the ‘why’ behind the results. How do audiences respond and engage differently to the content and how to benefit from that? What should be your media mix based on your objectives? Which creatives perform well and more importantly; why? At Pervorm we love numbers and through analyses, automation, and data driven design we help you to translate data into insights and make them actionable.


‘Strategy’ over ‘Execution’

Having a partnership also means transparency. Sometimes clients ask us to run a social campaign but through asking the right questions it appears they are not looking for a social campaign, but rather for a strategy that increases awareness or drives sales. What are the KPIs? Is social the right channel for your audience? Which data is available to enrich your campaigns? Often, the answer is in asking the right questions. We love to run your digital campaigns but our hearts start beating even faster when we can help you translate your business objectives into a marketing & media strategy and then making sure this all comes together in the actual campaign setup and management.