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Author: Cesar Swart

Date: April 2019

Like in other industries, disruption is around the corner in the traditional recruitment industry. Tech giants are ready to enter. Google recently announced that they will start with Google Jobs. Since Google launched its latest search tool; the world of online recruitment has changed more rapidly than at any point during the last decade. Such development is not only a threat but also offers a range of opportunities.

Although not launched yet in The Netherlands; it is important that recruitment companies adapt in order to utilize Google Jobs in their advantage. It is all about a change in mindset and be prepared for new challenges.

Google for Jobs

Google for Jobs is similar to job search engines like Indeed.com, which pulls job listings from many different sources. The main difference is, it will use Google’s powerful technology to make the user experience faster, better and ready for AI, voice and more to come. The main purpose of Google’s new search function is opening up all information to everyone and speed up the process. It bridges the gap between job seekers and employers, making it easier for talented people to find suitable roles.

Google Jobs was first released in June 2017 in the USA and has since gone live in Canada, India, Spain, and parts of Africa. What is interesting for the Dutch market is to closely watch the developments in the UK. Recent research shows that out of the top 100 online recruiters in the UK, more than half have not enabled Google Jobs to run on their sites. This means that Google will not crawl their site and data will not show in the search results. In the end this means that sites that don’t enable Google Jobs will not be able to offer the best solution for employers and job seekers.

What is the impact?

We see that digital has an impact on every aspect of our live, the same counts for the recruitment industry. Doing nothing is not an option, to survive in the recruitment industry you have to see how you can use the features of Google Jobs in your advantage. And when it does not pay off directly you will certainly learn and be more prepared for the next challenge.

So, in short what does it mean

In short Google Jobs provides two big advantages:

  • Free advertisement for recruitment websites; As it credits the recruiter when it pulls the job listing from the website in response to a search.
  • It saves expenses of posting listings on job boards.

Coping with digital challenges, like Google Jobs, is about being ready to adapt to ‘radical change’ and ‘disruption’. In this digital era, you need to be agile to asses to changes that impact your business.

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