Clients: Cloetta

Category: Digital Assessment

Date: June 2018

Cloetta wanted to increase their focus on digital marketing and specifically programmatic marketing to increase control, transparency and savings. To do this, Cloetta asked Pervorm to help them with the centralisation of their programmatic marketing technology. After the centralisation, it was expected that Pervorm ensured the technology was actually used. Pervorm did so by setting a standard way of work for programmatic marketing for their internal teams and the agencies they work with.


Cloetta, founded in 1862, is a leading confectionery company in the Nordic region and The Netherlands. Cloetta is manufacturing and marketing confectionery, chocolate products, nuts, pastilles, chewing gum and pick & mix concepts. In total, Cloetta products are sold in more than 50 markets worldwide.


Cloetta is a FMCG company that sells its product through retailers. This means that Cloetta does not have a lot of data that it could use to improve its marketing activities. The country teams did not have sufficient programmatic knowledge to most advantageously manage their agencies and run their marketing as effective as possible. The development and use of cross-country learnings could also be improved. Lastly, Cloetta was aware that it did not have a full view of the costs and who got what margin in their programmatic value chain.


  1. Determine the technology that could help deliver more insights out of campaigning
  2. Set up the technology and infrastructure to effect one way of work, enabling global knowledge sharing and benchmarking
  3. Educate the internal teams on knowledge and skill


It is estimated that Cloetta saved a ‘double digit’ % in media costs, due to increased effectiveness. The team is now knowledgeable and able to challenge their agency partners in a better way, resulting in more insights and more successful digital marketing. Pervorm now helps Cloetta to determine and accelerate the next steps in the adaptation process of digital marketing within the company.

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Pervormers who worked on this case:

Roland Willems

Sr. Marketing Consultant

Pervorm | Joost Klomp
Joost Klomp

Sr. Marketing Consultant

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Erik Hornung

Sr. Marketing Consultant