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Author: Thijs van Leeuwen

Date: March 2018

One of the most heard sentences we hear when we are starting an on-boarding process with a new client is “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” Anno 2019, this shouldn’t be the case anymore, especially since this quote originates from the 20th century. Luckily in collaboration with AdCalls we are able to kickstart every client towards the 22nd century, making sure to maximize their data insights and marketing efforts.

Pervorm & AdCalls

Being the online media experts that we are we try to make everything measurable. However, there are still a lot of offline touch points during a customer journey that are harder to measure. With AdCalls we are able to also track those types of offline touch-points down to a keyword level and fully measure the ROI impact of each marketing effort.


Imagine someone who sees an online Facebook and/or Search Ad, they visit your website but don’t convert online but they call your number and they order over the phone. Creating the biggest order, you’ve ever seen. What a waste would it then be, if you downscale the bids of that keyword or ad set because it’s negatively influencing the overall (online) CPA.
If only you could measure the results and source of that phone call. You’ve already guessed it; with AdCalls we can!


AdCalls Call Tracking

AdCalls’ key business is to measure the response over the phone after seeing an online or offline campaign. With AdCalls you can measure phone calls and the result of those calls from all sources. AdCalls will provide you with all kinds of usable insights like the source of the phone call, the duration of the call and also offers all call agents the option to submit a value to the call. Is the call only a lead or did an actual sale occur? After a call the person who answered the call can define this. This value can then also be sent towards Google Analytics. Creating a full overview of your offline return from online campaigns.

The way it works is that they create a dynamic phone number, unique for each source you want to measure. After calling the number, the caller is redirected towards the actual number of your business. Enabling the tracking of the phone call and the (possible) outcome.
The caller won’t notice a thing, but you will be able to measure the full effect of your campaigns.

You can even choose to only monitor particular sources of traffic or to fully exclude some sources. For example, direct traffic is perhaps less relevant to track when you (first) want to focus on the return of online and offline campaigns.

Implementing AdCalls Call Tracking

Implementing AdCalls call tracking is actually very easily to do and they also give you a lot of options to display the number on your site. All you need to do is set the way you want the dynamic numbers to be displayed and implement a script on your website. This can easily be done with Google Tag Manager.

After a visitor lands on your website they will be shown a specific dynamic phone number, depending on the source of traffic they came from.

AdCalls also offers you the option to create off-site numbers. Giving you the option to add a unique phone number for each external blogpost or that offline abri campaign you have running.


How does Adcalls Call reporting work?

AdCalls offers an innovative yet very accessible dashboard environment in which you can easily see the calls AdCalls tracked. It will also share all types of insights like the conversion rate, duration and value of the calls:

Especially the fact that you can send it to Google Analytics really helps to evaluate the profitability of each channel.

Just be sure to also group your Google Analytics Channel Data properly to easily see the impact of AdCalls conversion tracking across the different sources of traffic.

AdCalls & Pervorm

AdCalls & Pervorm are partners and can offer a unique package to try AdCalls. Making it able to first run a proof of concept before fully implementing it across your organisation.

Interested in tracking calls?

Do you also want to kickstart your organisation, optimise your marketing effort and maximise your ROI? Contact Pervorm and talk about the options and possibilities of ad call tracking for your organisation and how we can implement it together.

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