Pervorm | Pieter Meijer
Pieter Meijer

Managing Partner

Pieter Meijer is Managing Partner at Pervorm and very passionate with regards to digital marketing. Within Pervorm Pieter is responsible for the mission and vision and our international network of partners and clients.

Giuseppe Salvaggio


Giuseppe is one of the two co-founders of Pervorm. Very passionate with regards to digital marketing.

Jos Horchner

Founder/Client Succes Director

Jos the boss, co-founder van deze joint.

Marketing Consultancy

Bart Bloemsma

Sr. Marketing Consultant

Bart is an very experienced performance consultant; with more than 7+ years of social performance experience. Bart is focused on the latest digital trends and innovations.

Nathan Struik

Sr. Marketing Consultant

I strongly believe that understanding customer needs is key to journey improvement and improving lifetime value. Within these strategies I combine data and technological possibilities to ensure as much automation as possible.

Robbert Meinema

Data Consultant

Online marketing consultant with a focus on SEA. Comfortable with large marketing datasets. Likes to take initiative, organised and meticulous.

Roland Willems

Sr. Marketing Consultant

People who know me would characterise me as an open, energetic and reliable person. I’m an experienced ecom strategist and have a background in programmatic display and technology (e.g. DMP and more).

Pervorm | Joost Klomp
Joost Klomp

Sr. Marketing Consultant

Digital marketing professional with broad experience in digital marketing transformation, optimizing primary processes in sales, marketing and communication. I am able to bridge the gap between digital opportunities and business objectives.

Pervorm | Erik Hornung
Erik Hornung

Sr. Marketing Consultant

My goal is to create digital opportunities for clients so they can achieve the next stage in their digital maturity. it’s the only way forward.

Pervorm | Lieke van Ekert
Lieke van Ekert

Sr. Marketing Consultant

Lieke is very passionate about digital marketing.

Media Consultancy

Tim Wesseling

Sr. Search Consultant

Tim believes that when you are able to send only quality input into the right channel; you’re able to achieve the maximum input. He gets the most energy when working with clients and team members to make “the dream work”.

Cesar Swart

Social Consultant

Cesar has a passion for performance marketing. I believe in deploying data as a means to accomplish the business goals of our client. I aim to work successfully with colleagues and clients through a strong belief in teamwork and communication.

Katinka van der Meijden

Social Consultant

At Pervorm I get the chance to achieve business goals for various clients while closely working together with colleagues with expertise in different fields.

Thijs Van Leeuwen

Search Consultant

I am mainly interested in performance marketing and thinking along with the client on a strategic level. With the use of Analytics, I like to deep dive into the performance of the entire digital landscape for cross-channel optimisations.

Friso Annema

Sr. Social Consultant

Senior Social Consultant with a passion for social paid advertising in the digital scope of performance marketing, I am always willing to walk the extra mile in order to achieve best results.

Endo Voet

Digital Consultant

Endo has a vast experience in programmatic, search and social. He has worked together with multiple international clients on both branding and performance campaigns.

Nino Van Den Bos

Programmatic Consultant

Online marketing enthusiast with focus on digital advertising. I have an affinity towards data-driven customer insights. Not a writer of algorithms but a data strategist.

Bas Steekelenburg

Social Consultant

Bas Hellendoorn

Programmatic Consultant

Bas is focused on what happens after & besides the click. A click-through-rate doesn’t say a thing if there is no on-site interaction. Through a sidestep in event management I eventually found my passion in online marketing.

Mourad Bel Hadj

Digital Lead Consultant

Mourad is passionate about Digital Marketing and his focus areas are Programmatic Display and more.

Sales & Staff

Marvin Duvall

Sr. Art Director

Mattheijs van Wijk

Operations Director APAC

Youri Beck

New Business

In order to find the best fit between marketing organisations and Pervorm; Youri is the spill between both in translating the business objectives into joint goals and actions.

Xandra Logtenberg

HR Manager

Experienced Human Resources Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry.

Sander van der Kraan

Business Development Manager

Serial entrepreneur with a passion for data-driven marketing & marketing technology, currently active as Co-Founder of, the AI-driven chatbot and voicebot development & optimization company.